Workshop on Compiler-Assisted System-On-Chip Assembly 2009 (CASA'09)


The Workshop on Compiler-Assisted System-On-Chip Assembly gives researchers working on compilation and synthesis of systems-on-chip a venue to learn about the work of their peers and discuss ongoing research in detail.

Location and Date

CASA'09 will be held in the Grenoble, France Novotel on 11 October. CASA'09 is affiliated with Embedded Systems Week.

Tentative List of Speakers and Talk Topics

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8:45–9:00WelcomeCASA Organizers
9:00–9:30OpenMP Compilation for Stacked-DRAM MPSoC Architectures: NUMA RevisitedLuca Benini
University of Bologna
9:30–10:00Tools for Optimization of Active Cooling Systems for MPSoCsSeda Öğrenci Memik
Northwestern University
10:30–11:00Customizing Memories for MPSoCsSudeep Pasricha
Colorado State University
11:00–11:30Cost-Effective Lifetime Improvement for NoC-Based MPSoCsBrett Meyer
Carnegie–Mellon University
11:30–12:00Heterogeneous Multi-Processor Pipelines: an MPSoC StorySridevan Parameswaran
University of New South Wales
14:00–14:30ESL Synthesis Across Hardware/Software BoundariesChristian Haubelt
Universität Erlangen–Nürnberg
14:30–15:00A Decade of Compiler Driven Customization: Retrospects and ProspectsKrishna V. Palem
Rice University
15:00–15:30Optical Network-on-Chip and Optical RouterJiang Xu
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
15:30–16:00Cyber-Physical Energy Systems: SOC Architectures for Aggressively Duty-Cycled SystemsRajesh Gupta, University of California
San Diego
16:30–17:45Panel — Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: What Are the Fundamental New Scientific Problems in the Synthesis of Cyber-Physical Systems?Moderator: Daniel Gajski
Panelists: Luca Benini, Naehyuck Chang, Nikil Dutt, and Rajesh Gupta

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