Research interests

Embedded systems are computers within devices not generally considered to be computers, e.g., vehicles, medical devices, smartphones, and sensor networks. Their volume dwarfs that of general-purpose desktop computers. The embedded systems and general-purpose computing market sizes are similar but the embedded systems market is growing at 15% per year, 50% faster than for general-purpose computers. Embedded system designers frequently face the problem of designing compact, complex, high-performance, inexpensive, low-power, real-time, reliable, secure, wireless, embedded devices — within a time-to-market kept short by enormous competition.

My team's research focuses on improving embedded systems and easing their design. I believe that it is necessary to have a broad understanding of computer engineering, from circuits to software, in order to attack each problem at its point of greatest leverage. Some of our successes came from doing with operating systems what others believed must be done with transistors and by concurrently modeling and optimizing low-level integrated circuit characteristics and system-level designs.

Problem domains

Most of my research interests can be placed within the following categories:

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