Lei Yang

“The greater the obstacle the more glory in overcoming it”

Biographical Summary

Lei completed her Ph.D. degree in summer 2008 at Northwestern University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Prior to that, she received her M.S. degree in 2005 from Northwestern University, and her B.S. degree in 2003 from Peking University.

Lei was the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Fellowship Award and the Murphy Fellowship Award. Her inventions, CRAMES and PBPM, won the 2007/2008 Computerworld Horizon Award. In summer 2004 and 2005, Lei worked as a visiting researcher at NEC Laboratories America in Princeton, New Jersey. In summer 2007, she worked as software engineering intern at the Google world headquarter in Mountain View, California. Lei is now a software engineer at Google.

Research Advisor

Lei is grateful to her advisor Professor R.P.Dick, for his guidance, insights and attention to details in Lei's research. Working with him has always been thought-provoking and enjoyable. Professor Dick's research interests include embedded system synthesis, embedded operating systems, low-power and temperature-aware integrated circuit design, data compression, reliability, behavioral synthesis, and mobile ad-hoc network protocols.

For perspective students who wish to join Professor Dick's research group, please visit this page.